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Mini Gazette: From the Czech Republic to the Cévennes

Contributor: Katerina Novakova and Barbara, Cévennes, association “Sur le Chemin de R.L. Stevenson”

Here is a short video by an RLS fan from the Czech Republic about the Stevenson trail in the Cévennes. Illustrated with water-clour images and featuring the ‘Modestine’ wine.


Mini Gazette – RLS Club Edinburgh outing on the Waverley

Contributor: Elizabeth Baird, RLS Club Edinburgh, Lothian

RLS Club members recently enjoyed a sail on the paddle steamer Waverley.  The journey went from Glasgow along the River Clyde to the village of Tighnabruaich.  It followed routes taken by RLS when accompanying his father on lighthouse visits.  It is also the route he took when he sailed to the USA in 1879 to follow Fanny.

The Waverley bears the name of the first novel by Sir Walter Scott, the celebrated 19th century author who was a friend of Robert Stevenson, grandfather of RLS.  Built in 1946 Waverley is the last sea-going passenger-carrying paddle steamer in the world and continues a 200 year history of steamers on the Clyde.

Mini Gazette – News from North Berwick.

Contributor: Elizabeth Baird, RLS Club Edinburgh, Lothian

The Association Franco-Écossaise of Paris recently visited Scotland on a tour organised by the Edinburgh branch of the Franco-Scottish Society.  At the Museum of the Coastal Communities in North Berwick they visited the Stevenson exhibition which inter alia tells of RLS’ travels in France.  The Franco-Scottish Society has strong links with the RLS Club.  See attached article “French visitors”.  Thanks to Martin in North Berwick for sending the article;

  East Lothian Courier, Thursday June 21 2018

Mini Gazette – Interview with Mira Sanders

Contributor: Anne de Cocurès, Cévennes

Interview with Mira Sanders, a Belgian visual artist, who produced an exhibition on the theme:  “An inland Voyage ” at the Argos Centre in Brussels in 2017. She explains her approach in this Youtube video (15 minutes, in French).

Mini Gazette – News from ‘Sur les canaux du nord’

Contributeur: Jean Louis Felbacq , Sur le canaux du nord

News from the territories, this week the Northern Canals first give us a link to their newsletter (in particular April-June issue) which allows to get a feel of the positive and enthusiastic atmosphere around the Sambre canal renovation project and see the other projects that are springing up around. Thank you Jean Louis.

Mini Gazette – The press talks about us

Contributor: Jean Louis Felbacq , Sur le canaux du nord

Article published in the newspaper ‘Le Thiérache’ Thursday, May 10, 2018 showing that the image of Robert Louis is strongly related to his travel companion, Modestine.

Mini Gazette – Fanny Stevenson

Contributor: Jean Louis Pouliquen, Hyères

This week’s news comes from Jean Luc Pouliquen of Hyères on the French Riviera. An interesting piece of Fanny’s biography that will appeal to all those who are passionate about the history and life of Robert Louis’ companion.

Mini Gazette – Programme ERASMUS+ D.E.C.R.A

Contributor: Christian Brochier, Cevennes

The Stevenson Network had committed to participate in a program called ERASMUS + D.E.C.R.A. (Developing European Cultural Routes for All), organized by the FFICE (French Federation of European Cultural Routes). Last week I attended a meeting and workshop held in Pula, Croatia. The workshops focused on the following topics:

– Inclusion and accessibility of tourist sites

– Valorization of local heritage, what is Cultural Tourism? …… (meeting with Croatian and Serbian tour operators)

– Faro Convention (Council of Europe): one of the questions: “how to involve local communities in a tourism and cultural project”

The meeting was organized by the local Cultural Routes; the Roman Emperors and the Danube Wine Route. Attached are photos of the meeting, the arena of Pula and its gladiators.


Mini Gazette – Sur les canaux du nord

Contributor: Jean Louis Felbacq , Sur le canaux du nord

2 articles from the regional press (Le Thiérache) echoing the celebrations at Oisy and Pont sur Sambre in the North, sent by Jean Louis Felbacq of Thiérache Avenir Tradition. Our network can be proud to have contributed and given meaning and perspectives to the reopening of this canal.

A rose for R.L. Stevenson: le Thiérache 14 avril 2018

Canal de Vadencourt to be re-opened : le Thiérache jeudi 12 avril 2018

Mini Gazette – ECR meeting at Piacenza

Contributor: Christian Brochier, Cévennes

Some news following the meeting of European Cultural Routes in Piacenza (northern Italy) where I visited last week at the invitation of the European Network: La Hansa. A dozen cultural routes were present. The objective was to exchange more closely and concretely on our projects, our operations, our difficulties and to enrich each other’s experience.

Objective achieved, especially during discussions in workshops of 4 people where we really got to know each other. The result should be easier listening and a more balanced exchange with the Institut de Luxembourg (IECE). In particular, I received support for the invitation of a member of our scientific committee (Linda Dryden PhD student at Nappier University) at the European Training Seminar to be held in Spain in June.

The contact especially with the members of the Via Francigena who welcomed us was very good. They are all francophones.

I enclose some photos of the beautiful city of Piacenza.

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