The European Network

In most of the places where Stevenson passed, the traces of his passage have remained alive.
Several associations and specialists have emerged, whether in France or the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy or Germany, to better understand the writer and his links with the territories.

A network born in 2013, with shared values :

  • Promote democracy, tolerance, support for minorities, the rapprochement of peoples and the search for peace,
  • Promote and protect natural and cultural heritage, while participating in responsible social economic development of the territories.
  • Transmit interest in culture and European citizenship, particularly to younger generations.
  • Promote meetings between Europeans through cultural and sporting tourism accessible to all, including people with disabilities.
  • Encourage research to broaden our knowledge of European culture, in particular literature linked to Stevenson.

In 2015, the network ‘In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson’ obtained the Cultural Route label from the Council of Europe.

Over the years, thanks to the exchange of ideas and information, the links between the network’s members have become more dynamic and our visibility greater.

Each territory has found in this momentum an opportunity for its own development.
Our annual meetings take place in a different territory each year.

The work of R.L. Stevenson stimulates academic research that is still very active, as evidenced by the publications of books and articles, theses, seminars and meetings of academics and experts. Writers, filmmakers and comic book authors often find inspiration in the work and values of Stevenson that they help to inscribe in today’s world.

We establish links with these different actors and participate in international academic meetings.

Each year, Stevenson Days are an opportunity for each territory to step up its efforts to disseminate information on Stevenson, through specific and varied operations aimed at all audiences: exhibitions, readings, events, etc.

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