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The works of RLS continue to be published, regularly have new translations, as well as new adaptations in comics, for the cinema or the stage.

Several universities (for example; Edinburgh Napier and Bordeaux) devote large resources to studies about Stevenson, but there are also many independent academics around the world. Long and patient work by a group of passionate academics has resulted in the creation of the New Edinburgh Edition of Stevenson’s work.

Les membres de l'académie Robert Louis Stevenson
Participants of the ‘Stevenson and Pleasure’ conference in Bordeaux in 2022

As well as the extensive website run by Edinburgh Napier University, there are also a number of other on-line resources for academics such as

Literary sources are numerous, both in the United Kingdom, such as the National Library of Scotland, at Napier University with its Mehew collection, and in America, for example at the Beinecke collection at Yale.

International conferences are organized, such as in Bordeaux in 2022.

The European network In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson draws on this broad range of individuals and resources. A recent example has been the extension of the cultural route to Menton, in the south of France.

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