Follow the 'Kidnapped' route with a unique wilderness walk through the heart of Scotland

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Stevenson Way

The HIGHLANDS Territory and the stevenson way

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the book Kidnapped, the tale of a young lad David Balfour, who was kidnapped by his uncle and put on a boat bound as a slave for the Carolinas in America. On the way there he is shipwrecked on the island of Mull, on the far west coast of Scotland, and is involved in many adventures as he travels over 310 miles/500 km miles back to Edinburgh.

Le chemin de Stevenson
Overview map of the Stevenson Way or the Hawes Inn

The Stevenson Way is based on that journey from Mull to Edinburgh and seeks to provide information to assist you in doing the same. Although Kidnapped is fiction, it is based on the real-life murder of The Red Fox (Colin Campbell) in 1752 and David’s travelling companion is also another real character: Allan Breck Stewart, who ended his days in Paris.

Aims of the Stevenson Way association :

  • To explore the wilderness areas in the Highlands of Scotland
  • To visit sites associated with the real-life events in the novel ‘Kidnapped’
  • To discover the rich background to earlier Scottish life and culture
  • To see the varied wildlife of the mountains, moors and sea
  • Sustainable camping and walking, following the “Leave No Trace” principles.

Activities :

Accompanied hiking and Self-guided walking on sections of ‘The Stevenson Way’

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