Let’s meet in the Fontainebleau Forest in November!

The latest meeting of the European Stevenson Network took place in the Fontainebleau Region (France) from 24 to 27 November 2016.

In the program:

  • AGM of the European Network
  • First scientific conference of the Network with Lynda Dryden and Jean-Pierre Naugrette,
  • Visits and hikes in the Footsteps of RL Stevenson in the Fontainebleau Forest,
  • Music with François Eberlé and the RAVEN group.

You can download here the full programme of the event!

If you have questions, please contact us: reseau.europeen.stevenson@gmail.com

Let’s discover the last news of the Stevenson Network!

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A noter aussi :

  • Présentation d’une installation d’artiste dans le sillage de Stevenson Continue reading

Meeting of the Board of Directors in the Northern Canals territory!

The members of the board of directors of the European Stevenson Network gathered the 1st of March at the Tourist Office of Deux Vallées at Chiry-Ourscamp (Oise, France) on the Northern Canals’ Stevenson territory!


#RLS Day

Robert Louis Stevenson was born on 13th November 1850.

Each year, on the Stevenson territories, lots of festivities are organised to celebrate this RLS Day!


From 20 to 22 November 2015 will take place the next annual meeting of the network in Bristol!

Click here to discover the programme of the meeting!

Declaration of the French Federation of the European Cultural Routes

The European Stevenson Network is part of the French Federation of the European Cultural Routes.

On 10 September 2015, the members of the Federation signed a declaration with the aim of reaffirming their shared values and their will to continue their actions in the context of opening Europe for wars’ refugees.

Click here to download the declaration.

The European Network certified as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe!

The European Network In the footsteps of Robert Louis Steven-son is now one of 33 certified European Cultural Routes.

More information here!

Logo CoE

In the Footsteps of R.L. Stevenson… in Brussels

The members of the Board of Directors of the European Stevenson Network will meet in Brussels on Friday 22 May! They will be welcomed at the Royal Sport Nautique de Bruxelles 1865 which celebrates this year its 150 years! R.L. Stevenson was warmly welcomed at the club house when he rowed on the canal in Brussels in 1876!

On Sunday 24, the participants will follow, with bicyles, a rowing event organised along the Brussels’ canal in the Footsteps of R.L. Stevenson!


RSNB 1865

The project of the European Cultural Route presented in Luxembourg

On Wednesday 29 April, Michel Legros (France), Elizabeth Baird (Scotland), Marc Legein (Belgium) and Laura Léotoing (France) presented in Luxembourg the project of the European Cultural Route In The Footsteps of R.L. Stevenson’.Equipe soutenance

The European Network In the Footsteps of R.L. Stevenson is candidate to be certified as a European Cultural Route.

The answer would be given in May.

Stay tuned!


Meeting of the Rivers in the North’ partners

On Saturday, the 14th February, the “Stevenson” partners of the Rivers in the North met in Northern France,  with the presence of Michel Legros, the European Network’s president.

5 partners were represented:

– Maison du tourisme des Deux Vallées

– Association LAVITRINE02

– Association Thiérache Avenir et Traditions

– Association Au fil du Temps / Maison de Marie-Jeanne

– Mairie de Pont-sur-Sambre

Nord - 14 fév 2015

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