Close to the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, the renowned health resort of Bad Homburg v. Hohe is located in a lively and prosperous region at the foot of the Taunus schist massif. The climate is pleasant and the air is pure. Cultural and sporting events and entertainment are numerous and varied, including the annual and remarkable Poetry and Literature Festival and the prestigious Hölderlin Prize.

Robert Louis Stevenson knew Homburg in 1861 at the age of 11, accompanying his father who had come to the cure. During his stay in Homburg, they lived in the house occupied by the famous Russian author, Nicolai Gogol, during his successive stays.

The international high nobility, emperors, kings and tsars who came to Bad Homburg all influenced the culture and the appearance of the city, conferring on the town its splendid cachet with the Thermal Park, the Park and the Historical Gardens of the Castle of the Count.


© photos courtesy of J.P. Battin