Along the rivers and canals in the North of France and Belgium
In 1876, Robert Louis Stevenson, accompanied by his friend Walter Simpson, embarked on a canoe trip along canals and rivers from Antwerp to Pontoise. An Inland Voyage was to become his first published book.

To see the barges waiting their turn at a lock affords a fine lesson of how easily the world may be taken. There should be many contented spirits on board, for such a life is both to travel and to stay at home.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Alongs the canals and rivers from Belgium and France followed by RLS on his Inland Voyage many association have been created that promote the cultural, sporting and artistic aspects of the region from a RLS viewpoint. 

Network’s members of this territory :

Association Canal Sambre Eau Thiérache (Canal SET)

Association Au fil du temps

Association Thiérache Avenir et Traditions


Maison du Tourisme des Deux Vallées

Royal Sport Nautique de Bruxelles

Ville de Pont-sur-Sambre