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Mini Gazette – ECR meeting at Piacenza

Contributor: Christian Brochier, Cévennes

Some news following the meeting of European Cultural Routes in Piacenza (northern Italy) where I visited last week at the invitation of the European Network: La Hansa. A dozen cultural routes were present. The objective was to exchange more closely and concretely on our projects, our operations, our difficulties and to enrich each other’s experience.

Objective achieved, especially during discussions in workshops of 4 people where we really got to know each other. The result should be easier listening and a more balanced exchange with the Institut de Luxembourg (IECE). In particular, I received support for the invitation of a member of our scientific committee (Linda Dryden PhD student at Nappier University) at the European Training Seminar to be held in Spain in June.

The contact especially with the members of the Via Francigena who welcomed us was very good. They are all francophones.

I enclose some photos of the beautiful city of Piacenza.

Mini Gazette – Saint Jean du Gard Boulegan

Contributor: Christian Brochier, Cévennes

Easter Monday and for three days, in Saint Jean du Gard, one of the towns on the Chemin de Stevenson, it was Boulegan, a dance and traditional music festival (one of the biggest in France) that brought together several thousand dancers, some of whom came from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe (see photo). The music was very lively and the atmosphere warm and friendly, faithful to the values of RLS; openness and tolerance of others. For the dancing there was polka, bourrée, scottishe (traditional French dances), on tunes from Rap to more than 2000 people Saturday night.

Mini Gazette – RLS Club Edinburgh: The student life of RLS

Contributeur: Elizabeth Baird, RLS Club Edinburgh, Lothian

The RLS Club met at a hotel in Edinburgh which was formerly the home of the great lighthouse builder Robert Stevenson, RLS’ grandfather. Members enjoyed a talk on the 8 years which Stevenson spent as a student, eventually abandoning engineering for law.  By studiously avoiding lectures and pursuing his colourful interests elsewhere he laid the foundations for a wide a varied literary career.

Former home of Robert Stevenson

Commemorative plaque

RLS the student aged 21

The RLS Club under the watchful eye of Robert Stevenson (picture at the back of the room)


Mini Gazette – Treasure Hunt in Fontainebleau Forest

contributor: Michel Legros, Fontainebleau

Attention all Gold hunters ! The 7 April will mark the day of the third biennial Fontainebleau region Treasure Hunt organised by the ‘R.L Stevenson de Barbizon à Grez’ association.
This year’s theme is the little people of the forest! About 20 teams are expected to take part, solving enigmas both intellectual and physical that will allow them to unlock the secret code to the golden Treasure!



© photos courtesy of J.P. Battin

Mini Gazette – RLS films for sale at the Institut National de L’Audiovisuel

contributor: Jean Louis Pouliquen

The French Institut National de L’Audiovisuel have several RLS films available for sale:

Voyage avec un âne – A superb scene from a movie entitled “Journey with a donkey” (Jean Kirchbron, 1975) where Robert Louis finds love made in 1975 for French TV; 3€ (for download) or DVD 10€.

Other titles are available: Treasure Island (Léon de Chancerel, 1957), The Adventures of David Balfour (Alain Boudet, 1964) and The Master of Ballantrae (Abder Isker, 1963).

Mini Gazette – The true and amazing story of “Treasure Island”

Contributor: Christian Brochier, Cévennes

Here is a story that should generate some reaction!  The true story  of Treasure Island in the Pacific !
Alex Capus investigated the secrets of the writer Robert Louis Stevenson for several years and as far as the South Pacific. “Traveler under the stars” is the result of this quest where life goes far beyond fiction .. (in French)

Mini Gazette – RLS books in German donated to Cévennes campsite

Contributor: Lucile Pantel, Camping ‘La Barette’ , Cévennes.
Some German campers who stayed at Lucile’s campsite kindly donated copies of RLS travel books published in German.


Lucile says:

“In the campsite common room  there are documents, association brochures, posters that tell the way and the life of R.L. Stevenson. I love  to meet the campers and  discuss with them the RLS Cévennes trail and the life of R.L. Stevenson  so I was delighted to find the copies of these books  on my return from the RLS meeting in Edinburgh. I was pleased that my friends who had been looking after the campsite for me had had a lot of fun talking with the campers”

The Network Mini-Gazette

In response to a wish of the board of Directors of our European Association “in the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson”, this weekly mini-gazette is intended to keep alive the link that joins us as friends of Robert Louis.
The idea is that Network members can share with the other members, a photo, some text (little known quotation of RLS, press article, poem etc…), a small video, an internet link with a publication concerning Stevenson or our territories.
To contribute to the mini-gazette, please send an email with your article/news to .

Mini Gazette – The Cévennes of Robert Louis Stevenson on ARTE Nov 2017

Contributor: Marie-Virginie Cambriels, Cevennes,

Here is a documentary broadcast by the TV channel ARTE on 22nd November, part of the programme ‘Invitation to Travel’ on the way to Stevenson which I had the pleasure to participate …

Les Cévennes de Robert Louis Stevenson, 13 mn, Joel Spiggott Nov 2017 (French with German subtitles)

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