Day: March 5, 2018

Mini Gazette – RLS books in German donated to Cévennes campsite

Contributor: Lucile Pantel, Camping ‘La Barette’ , Cévennes.
Some German campers who stayed at Lucile’s campsite kindly donated copies of RLS travel books published in German.


Lucile says:

“In the campsite common room  there are documents, association brochures, posters that tell the way and the life of R.L. Stevenson. I love  to meet the campers and  discuss with them the RLS Cévennes trail and the life of R.L. Stevenson  so I was delighted to find the copies of these books  on my return from the RLS meeting in Edinburgh. I was pleased that my friends who had been looking after the campsite for me had had a lot of fun talking with the campers”

The Network Mini-Gazette

In response to a wish of the board of Directors of our European Association “in the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson”, this weekly mini-gazette is intended to keep alive the link that joins us as friends of Robert Louis.
The idea is that Network members can share with the other members, a photo, some text (little known quotation of RLS, press article, poem etc…), a small video, an internet link with a publication concerning Stevenson or our territories.
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