Contributor: Christian Brochier


May 2019 be for you a year of joy, health and happiness. That the year will find us gathered around our friend travel writer to exchange, learn more and more from him and his work and celebrate them both.
Having finished 2018 with gifts, why not start the same this new year.
It is indeed a beautiful gift, received at the foot of the Christmas tree, this 160 page comic book entitled  “HERMISTON “, translation from the novel  “Weir of HERMISTON” that Stevenson started writing at Vailima before he succumbed to a cerebral attack.
The author and draftsman, Jean Harambat has scrupulously translated the original following numerous indications given by Stevenson himself in his writings and in particular his correspondence. The result is a prose which, although not aesthetic, is rather rough as if carved with an axe, and invites the reader into the harshness of the time and the Scottish moors. The novel revisits many themes that were dear to RLS and that he missed about his native country.
Enjoy reading this new addition to the Stevenson library.


We will continue with two promises for this year,
One, is a gift of the ‘Arethusa ‘ board game that “the canals of the north, in the wake of R.L. Stevenson” will offer to some lucky schools, literary, cultural, academic or tourist organisations in the north of France and in the Hainaut region of Belgium. For more information see the articles in the press  le journal La Thierache et l’Aisne Nouvelle.


The other being the opening of the repair site of the Canal de la Sambre in Oise, press articles kindly communicated by our friend Jean Louis Felbacq of  “Thiérache future Tradition “. 

Press articles: La Thierache 



Best wishes, Christian