Laura IDThe administrative and organisational support to the network is currently provided by Laura Léotoing. Laura works for the association Sur le chemin de R.L. Stevenson.

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Tel : +33 (0)4 66 45 86 31
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17 rue de la Boissière
77140 Moncourt – Fromonville

The network is currently administered by 15 members:

Membres du CABoard of Directors’ members

Michel Legros, president

Marc Legein, vice-president Belgium

Ian Gardiner, vice-president Great Britain

Christian Brochier, vice-president France

Elisabeth Jubé, secretary

Ian Fuller, treasurer

Elizabeth Baird, representing the territory of Edinburgh

Ian Logan,  representing the Highlands of Scotland

Leon Wilson, representing the region of Bristol

Mark Steeds representing the region of Bristol

Sébastien Delcroix, representing the territory of the Northern Canals

Jean-Louis Felbacq, representing the territory of the Northern Canals

Sophie Batsis, representing the territory of Fontainebleau

Marie-Virginie Cambriels, representing the territory the Cévennes

Lucile Pantel, representing the territory of the  Cévennes