Month: May 2018

Mini Gazette – News from ‘Sur les canaux du nord’

Contributeur: Jean Louis Felbacq , Sur le canaux du nord

News from the territories, this week the Northern Canals first give us a link to their newsletter (in particular April-June issue) which allows to get a feel of the positive and enthusiastic atmosphere around the Sambre canal renovation project and see the other projects that are springing up around. Thank you Jean Louis.

Mini Gazette – The press talks about us

Contributor: Jean Louis Felbacq , Sur le canaux du nord

Article published in the newspaper ‘Le Thiérache’ Thursday, May 10, 2018 showing that the image of Robert Louis is strongly related to his travel companion, Modestine.

Mini Gazette – Fanny Stevenson

Contributor: Jean Louis Pouliquen, Hyères

This week’s news comes from Jean Luc Pouliquen of Hyères on the French Riviera. An interesting piece of Fanny’s biography that will appeal to all those who are passionate about the history and life of Robert Louis’ companion.