Contributor: Christian Brochier, Cévennes

Some news following the meeting of European Cultural Routes in Piacenza (northern Italy) where I visited last week at the invitation of the European Network: La Hansa. A dozen cultural routes were present. The objective was to exchange more closely and concretely on our projects, our operations, our difficulties and to enrich each other’s experience.

Objective achieved, especially during discussions in workshops of 4 people where we really got to know each other. The result should be easier listening and a more balanced exchange with the Institut de Luxembourg (IECE). In particular, I received support for the invitation of a member of our scientific committee (Linda Dryden PhD student at Nappier University) at the European Training Seminar to be held in Spain in June.

The contact especially with the members of the Via Francigena who welcomed us was very good. They are all francophones.

I enclose some photos of the beautiful city of Piacenza.